Liza Merkalova

Liza Merkalova's work is very Russian, with stylistic and expressive elements of late 19th century nationalist painters that explored a folk/religious art tradition, and spinning a reflective fusion with the work of the Europeans; Chagall, the Fauvists, Modigliani, Cezanne, rigorously unified and synthesized into her own expression. 

The work is ambitious, and although some of the works are portraitist, they are as much reflections of the personality of the artist; not merely a likeness of a familiar subject, but expression with strong humanistic resonance and a connection to a Russian tradition, and awareness of and faith in the connection between the Arts, the Mind and the Spirit being part of the attempt at a unified psyche; personality, awareness, suffering, patience and aspiration to the subtle and the refined. This could be seen as nostalgia, affectation and sentiment, but this is avoided by the rigour of her concentration, application to purpose and is supported by a sound technique.

New works published:
Portrait of a girl
Red vase from Venice and other
Moonlight as an invitation
Flowers in a jar

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Updated: June 12, 2017